August 13, 2018
  • 2:03 pm Today Is A BIG Day For Sarah Huckabee Sanders – CONGRATS!
  • 1:14 pm FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts
  • 9:19 am Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Care What You Think, Infuriates Americans At Season Opener
  • 12:44 pm Trump Endorsed Candidate That Put Him In The Lead, Until Dems Said What They ‘Discovered’
  • 12:25 pm President Trump Has Had It With AG Sessions – Hits Him So Hard It Scared Him Stiff

Obama not being in the White House didn’t imply that his messy plans were no more.

We trust that he works his “shadow government” from the central station of his D.C. manor a couple of miles from the White House.

What’s more, there are purportedly 30 “leakers” who have penetrated Trump’s organization, where they take characterized data and offer it to the liberal media.

Donald Trump does his activity superbly and is watching his back now like never before, yet he was never arranged to discover that one of his best confided in military commanders and counsels to be one of Barack Obama’s covert operatives. He took in this through a CIA official what this government operative was wrongfully improving the situation months through an unlawful incognito task.

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As indicated by our source, Freedom Daily, Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Habib Powell was found to be a Muslim, as well as a dear companion to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Advisor Valerie Jarret, who was detailing all that she saw and knew to the liberal media. Donald Trump terminated Powell quickly in the wake of discovering that she was Obama’s government agent.

Donald Trump was extremely cautious to vet individuals from his internal circle and now he has been cut in the back by his own National Security Advisor and best Military General H.R. McMaster, who has been furtively working with Obama for a considerable length of time. This embarrassment was exploding through Washington D.C. also, it was uncovered by CIA officer John R. Maguire. He uncovered amid an insight gathering task that McMaster was the individual this time approving illicit reconnaissance on President Donald Trump, including his family and Steve Bannon.

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“Maguire told no less than two individuals that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, as a team with a best authority at the National Security Agency, approved reconnaissance of Steven Bannon and Trump relatives, including Donald Trump Jr. also, Eric Trump. Adding to these unverified cases, Maguire told the potential benefactors he likewise had prove H.R. McMaster utilized a burner telephone to send data assembled through the observation to an office in Cyprus claimed by George Soros,” the Intercept revealed.

Trump had enough of this and he will dispatch a covert agent organize without anyone else so as to battle Obama’s government agents who continue figuring out how to invade him.

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