August 13, 2018
  • 2:03 pm Today Is A BIG Day For Sarah Huckabee Sanders – CONGRATS!
  • 1:14 pm FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts
  • 9:19 am Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Care What You Think, Infuriates Americans At Season Opener
  • 12:44 pm Trump Endorsed Candidate That Put Him In The Lead, Until Dems Said What They ‘Discovered’
  • 12:25 pm President Trump Has Had It With AG Sessions – Hits Him So Hard It Scared Him Stiff

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump have been butting heads lately. Especially since Sessions recused himself from the special investigation run by Robert Mueller which has caused a lot of headaches. However, now the president is starting to put the pressure on Sessions to stop making his life so difficult and has taken to a public forum to ensure that he gets the message very loud and very clear.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

“President Trump slammed the rigged witch hunt and called out top DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s shady meetings with dossier author Christopher Steele in a pair a tweets Saturday afternoon. The President then took a jab at AWOL AG Sessions, accusing him of being “scared stiff” and “missing in action.” President Trump already threatened to ‘get involved’ to force the FBI to release Andrew McCabe’s text messages Saturday morning. Trump is on a roll! Jeff Sessions is in the corner of the Justice Department while Rod Rosenstein and other corrupt Obama holdovers call the shots and continue to undermine Trump.

TRUMP: The big story that the Fake News Media refuses to report is lowlife Christopher Steele’s many meetings with Deputy A.G. Bruce Ohr and his beautiful wife, Nelly. It was Fusion GPS that hired Steele to write the phony & discredited Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary & the DNC…. The President slammed Sessions in his second tweet. TRUMP: ….Do you believe Nelly worked for Fusion and her husband STILL WORKS FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF “JUSTICE.” I have never seen anything so Rigged in my life. Our A.G. is scared stiff and Missing in Action. It is all starting to be revealed – not pretty. IG Report soon? Witch Hunt!

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It appears the President has had enough of the corruption and he’s gearing up to throw down his ace card–a declassification order of Carter Page FISA docs, all Bruce Ohr docs and anything related to the corrupt Russia investigation. Earlier this week, the President warned “stay tuned!” The President is essentially fighting the Deep State attempted coup by himself while Sessions stands idly by. Mueller and Rosenstein have deployed KGB style raids to harass anyone in Trump’s inner circle as a way to send a message to people considering working for the Trump administration. AG Sessions could unrecuse himself and put an end to Mueller’s unconstitutional witch hunt, but he’s either afraid of his own shadow or deeply compromised.”